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Macro Meets Micro: Deciphering Renewable Energy Trends in 2024

A systems thinking approach to the clean energy transition

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“This is not an export play. This is a balancing resource for the region.” -Abby L. Watson

US-Canada shared offshore wind backbone ‘could save almost $800m’


“A transmission interconnection with New England could reduce renewable energy supply costs and provide valuable optionality.” – Abby L. Watson

Corridor of power: could an offshore energy superhighway speed Atlantic’s green transition?


“When you take a step back and look at the big picture, it’s difficult to see how the region meets its 2050 goals without employing this solution, or others like it.” – Abby L. Watson

US-Canada transmission corridor could provide cost savings, accelerate roll-out of offshore wind 

Climate and Sustainability Veterans Join to Launch Advisory Firm

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“You can't look at everything that has happened over the last year and say, 'No, we should just keep doing everything exactly the way we have been doing it.' [...] we need to find more resilient strategies for building this out because these are really long timeline projects... we're going to have other shocks and disruptions in the system.” – Abby L. Watson

Five Northeast states have seen contracts for offshore wind projects totaling more than 12 GW canceled in the past year.