Stories and strategies for a complex climate future

The Groundwire Group is a boutique strategic consulting firm focused on creating a more sustainable future. We partner with leading organizations in climate solutions to help them navigate a complex landscape by connecting their strategies to the broader systems in which they operate. We build the stories and strategies that shape our climate future.

About us

The global response to the climate crisis is at a threshold. The solutions we implement amid a complex and ever-changing landscape will determine how the future unfolds. 

We use a systems thinking approach to help clients understand and navigate complexity. Systems thinking reveals how unexpected connections interact to produce the events we observe. The energy transition will only succeed when decision-makers understand the broader context in which the renewable energy landscape evolves.

Groundwire can help. We create stories and strategies that bridge the complex connections between economies, cultures, markets and communities – always with a focus on the human element. We recognize that all business strategies are human  strategies, and all communications strategies are human stories.

Our clients include trade associations, industry coalitions, project developers, sustainable finance organizations, and technology providers.

Our Services

Strategic Planning for a Sustainable Future

Groundwire will work with our clients’ senior leaders and staff to clarify the organization’s vision, understand the system in which it operates, and determine which leverage points provide the best opportunities for organizational success.

Communications Advice and Execution

We design and execute human-focused communications strategies that help clients connect with their target audiences and advance their goals. Our strategic advice creates durable stakeholder relationships built to last through conversation and dialogue.

Strategy and Team Building Workshops

We bring your team together to align around a shared vision and execution plan. Every participant leaves equipped with an understanding of where they are going and how to get there.

Coalition Building

Tackling complex problems requires alignment across multiple stakeholders. We identify and convene key players and lead coalitions through their initial stages of formation, strategy-setting, and implementation.

Meet the Team

Meet the women who create the stories and strategies behind Groundwire’s work.

Abby Watson

Co-Founder, President

Raquel Pichardo

Co-Founder, Chief Communications Strategist